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Flare System Inquiry - Specification

Client: Your Ref:
Contact Name: Phone:
Email Address for Correspondence:
Plant Location (eg. Offshore / Middle East):
Service (Continuous / Disposal / Emergency):
Flow Parameters Units Case
Total Flow                                       Max
Gas Composition Mol %  
Methane   CH4  
Ethane   C2H6  
Propane   C3H8  
N & ISO Butane   C4H10  
N & ISO Pentane   C5H12  
Hexane   C6H14  
Heptane   C7H16  
Octane   C8H18  
Nonane   C9H20  
Ethylene   C2H4  
Propylene   C3H6  
Butylene   C4H8  
Pentene   C5H10  
Acetylene   C2H2  
Butadiene   C4H6  
Benzene   C6H6  
Toluene   C7H8  
Cyclohexane   C6H12  
Ethylbenzene   C8H10  
Styrene   C8H8  
Xylene (o, m, p)   C8H10  
Methanol   CH3OH  
Ethanol   C2H5OH  
Hydrogen Sulphide   H2S  
Ammonia   NH3  
Nitrogen   N2  
Oxygen   O2  
Carbon Dioxide   CO2  
Carbon Monoxide   CO  
Water Vapour   H2O  
Hydrogen   H2  
Sulphur Dioxide   SO2  
Carbonyl Sulphide   COS  
Carbon Disulphide   CS2  
Allowable Back Pressure  
Required Smokeless Flow  
Specific Gravity   Air = 1.0  
Molecular Weight  
Net Heating Value  
Ratio of Specific Heats   Cp/Cv  
Type of Flare:
Smoke Suppression Using:
Flare Structure Required:
Height Selection
Limit radiation to Btu/hr*ft2 at ft distance
Minimum Height ft
Toxic Element Max GLC ppm
Ancillary Items:
Ignition System:
Area Classification  
Client Special Considerations:
Please confirm:
ISO 9001 GBA 20th Anniversary JAS-ANZ