About GBA-Corona, Inc.

Mission Statement

GBA-Corona, Inc. is committed to provide flare equipment with the highest quality of design, materials and construction in order to achieve performance and longevity that will exceed our customer's expectations. GBA-Corona, Inc. will dedicate all resources available to our customers to provide expert technical support, engineering and service from conceptual design studies to field commissioning. Our goal is to supply superior flare equipment at a competitive price with on-time deliveries to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We will continue to develop products that will meet the technical requirements of a changing market and to apply all technologies in a proper manner and of the highest professional integrity.

Quality Policy Statement

GBA-Corona, Inc. accepts responsibility for the complete satisfaction of its customers. We exercise this responsibility through adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, total commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements, and maintaining a company culture that fosters continuous improvement. Our objective is to deliver defect free products/services on time, every time.

Bernard Bolanowski

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