Bernard Bolanowski


Bernard Bolanowski, "Bernie" has 30 years of experience with flare applications, design, research, installation, troubleshooting, and product development. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston. After working in the British Petroleum Research Group and Kaldair dedicated to flare products and systems, Bernie started Corona Flares based in Houston, Texas in 1996. With a successful business start-up, and following requests from around the world for Corona Flare products, Corona Flares formed an alliance with the GBA SRL team in Milan, Italy and GBA Flares in London, England and changed the company name to GBA-Corona, Inc. Still today, Bernie is seldom satisfied with the technology of yesterday. He is always finding ways to improve performance and longevity to design and manufacture the best Flares for the Future.

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