Air Flares

Smokeless Air Flare

When pressure is not available, an assist medium is required to achieve clean combustion of the waste gas. The GBA-Corona CAF air assisted flare uses forced air via a low-pressure blower to provide smokeless flaring. The CAF flare tip includes mixing vanes which ensure that the air and gas are kept separate until both exit the tip of the flare. These vanes improve efficiency by maximizing the air to gas surface area contact.

Maintaining the GBA-Corona philosophy of annulus flaring, the CAF mixing head allows the gas to be channeled to the outer annulus and the air to be fed through the center of the flame. This decreases the thickness of the waste gas stream, allows the surface of the waste gas stream to come in contact with surrounding air, and further increases overall efficiency. Additionally, the forced air ensures continuous internal cooling which extends the life of the flare tip.

Proper control of the airflow is essential for successful operation of an air flare through its smokeless range. This is especially true for large air flare systems. GBA-Corona recommends and can provide a simple air control system. The system includes a pressure transmitter (monitoring the waste gas stream), a PLC, and a blower damper. For more control, a two-speed motor can be easily incorporated.

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