Sonic Flares

CSF 9-8 Liquids

High pressure CSF Sonic Flares combine the best features of Coanda based flares with the longevity of multi-arm flares.

The GBA-Corona CSF flare is a result of years of studying the performance of all types of high pressure sonic flares. This flare is capable of providing low heat radiation flaring while maintaining the design principles required to ensure longevity.

The GBA-Corona CSF flare uses the energy associated with pressurized gas to entrain and mix large quantities of air. The difference in this multi-arm sonic flare is in the nozzle. Unlike other multi-arm flares, the CSF flare does not lose efficiency as the size increases. The annulus design of the nozzle enhances the mixing rate of the entrained air into the primary mixing zone of flame. This highly aerated gas and air stream burns with a clean short flame and with F-Factors ranging from 0.06 to 0.10.

As an added feature, a low-pressure duct can easily be incorporated within the wind deflectors of the CSF flare. The top of the LP duct is at the same elevation as the CSF nozzles. This HP / LP design further reduces the possibility of continuous flame lick.

Most flares spend very little time at the peak design rate. Yet, many flares are unable to handle the conditions which happen most of the time - low flow turndown. Unlike flares which rely on large diameter uncooled surfaces, the GBA-Corona CSF flare ensures that combustion occurs above the flare tip. This eliminates nearly all of the continuous flame lick on the flare. And, by using properly designed wind deflectors, low flow rate flames are allowed to lift away from the flare, further reducing the chance of flame lick. These two features greatly improve longevity and guard against flare tip failure.

ISO 9001 GBA 20th Anniversary JAS-ANZ