Variable Flares

Variable Flare

Within the flare industry, there is a desire to provide smokeless flaring from purge to peak flow rates. While some flares are better suited to provide smokeless flaring at high (sonic) flows, others are specifically geared towards smokeless flaring at low flows. The most sensible arrangement for providing smokeless flaring at high and low flows requires a variable orifice and, for heavy molecular weight streams, a small assist medium.

Existing technology provided this ability, however, the available flares suffered from short life. Excessive metal temperatures, large diameter uncooled surfaces, and inherent flame impingement needed to be eliminated to extend life. GBA-Corona's CSF-VSF flare is designed to provide the desired flaring characteristics while extending the flare tip life. Multiple arm technology (known to increase life), annulus gas exit areas, smaller inserts and properly directed air assists were all incorporated into the CSF-VSF flare.

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