Shale Flaring Applications

Shale Flare

Recent exploration of land-based oil-shale from Texas to North Dakota have produced a new type of flaring: shale applications. After a gas well is drilled and hydraulically fractured, open flaring is often used to test production of the well. These applications tend to produce heavier gas with limited pressure.

For those applications that do have pressure (20 psig to 50 psig), we are able to use our CSF-VSF flare to achieve smokeless, low heat radiation flaring without utilities (i.e. assist air). This helps save initial cost by reducing the stack height and saves in future costs by eliminating blowers and controls.

If pressure is not available, GBA-Corona has also provided optimized air assist flares. These flares provide smokeless flaring for all ranges of gas compositions and pressures (including atmospheric tank applications).

The photogrpahs to the right show shale applications using a combination of HP and Atmospheric flares operating smokelessly.

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